New: Bernax GT Simulator

The Bernax GT is the perfect entry-level simulator for at home or at work. At a competitive price we deliver a solid and unique simulator ready to be connected to a PC or Playstation. This way you are ready to start sim racing in one go.

When purchasing a turnkey simulator, delivery, installation and instruction are included in most cases.

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All prices are indicative. Taxes not included.

This simulator is fully customizable and extendable. Ask us for a bespoke offer. We will contact you to go through the specifications and options, before making an offer.

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From AED 13500

Main features:

  • Designed for an easy setup and a pro sim experience
  • Force feedback steering system with gear flippers
  • Buttons for ERS, DRS, brake balance, pit-limiter, etc.
  • Throttle and brake pedal system with realistic resistance
  • Adjustable Race seat and heel plate included
  • Monitor mount included

Equipable options:

  • Surround sound for ultimate race sound experience
  • Chassis shaker for simulating kerbstones and engine sounds
  • Motion system for G-force simulation
  • Virtual reality for an out-of-this-world experience
  • Race team livery
  • Fully installed computer or Playstation with software
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