F1 Cockpit Simulator – Versatilty in racing!

Virtual Reality RacingThis simulator with classic design is the most compact Formula 1 simulator and thus ideal for locations with limited space. We can connect up to 18 cockpit simulators for race competitions on any F1 track.

The F1 Cockpit Simulator is fully customizable in any colour or team livery or in your corporate identity, to give it a professional appearance.

Rent a F1 Cockpit Simulator

Please request a quotation for a tailor made offer. We do not state fixed rental prices because we always make tailor made offers according to your preferences.

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Main features:

  • Provides the best available racing experience
  • Can be connected in a network of simulators
  • Compact design, relative small surface
  • F1-style force feedback steering wheel with shift paddles
  • Throttle and brake pedal with realistic resistance
  • Real F1 seating position
  • Many colours available

Equipable options:

  • Surround sound for the ultimate sound experience
  • Virtual reality for an out-of-this-world experience
  • Motion system for extra realism and G-force simulation
  • Lap times display on separate screen
  • Formula 1 decorations
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